St George fans were out in force to watch the grand final unfold.
St George fans were out in force to watch the grand final unfold. Scottie Simmonds

Dragons fans celebrate

THE red V was flying high in Bundaberg after the St George-Illawarra Dragons trounced the Roosters 32-8 in the rugby league grand final yesterday afternoon.

Bundaberg Dragons supporters turned out to pubs across the city to show their support for their beloved team.

At the Sugarland Tavern, Tommy Cory, who has been a fan of the red and white for more than 50 years, basked in his team's win — the first since 1979.

“I'm going to go home and tell my missus because she is a Roosters supporter,” Mr Cory joked.

“I'm a New South Welshman and when I was a kid the Dragons were ‘the team' and when you are on a good thing you stick to it.”

Mr Cory's friend, Steve Purshaus, who first fell in love with the Dragons when his sister took him to watch their 1975 grand final loss in a pub, knew exactly what he was going to do after the win.

“I don't think there is enough beer in this pub to help me celebrate,” he said.

At The Waves, celebrations came early for Dragons fan Todd Jamie who won $110 after betting St George centre Mark Gasnier would score the first try.

“I'm going to get myself a good feed,” Mr Jamie said.

“My old man is an old St George fan so I was really hoping they would win to keep him happy.”

But while the Dragons were celebrating, Roosters fans were hanging their heads.

At Brothers Sports Club, Len Farmer had decided to support the Roosters after his beloved Parramatta Eels left the competition.

“I've been going for them because they played well all year,” he said.

“I'll be disappointed if they lose though.”

At The Waves, Sydney fan Pete Batistich had to put up with mocking from his friend and Dragons supporter Alex Sharpe.

“He'll definitely be having a bit of a go,” Mr Batistich said.

But there was a silver lining.

“I'm usually a Warriors fan and I'm happy to see that they won the under 20s game.”

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