THE beloved Dr Harry from Better Homes and Gardens was at Mon Repo today, where he met with Col Limpus to discuss how best to preserve the turtles.

"I think turtles are one of the most magestic creatures on gods Earth," Dr Harry said.

"We were privildged last night to see a female lay, cover over her nest and then turn and head back to the sea.

"That was her fourth visit and probably last clutch for the season - she layed a 116 eggs and then headed back to sea."

Dr Harry said while he had seen and swam with turtles in the past, this was the first time he had seen a turtle lay her eggs.

"They call it Turtle Tears, when you look at the head of a turtle theres these little watery streams that come out from both eyes -it's not tears at all, it's used to excrete the salt, but it looks like crying.

"I thought to myself 'perhaps she is' because she's just laid 116 eggs, and over the course of four clutches she's propably laid about 500 eggs and of those 500 only half of one will make it, becasue it's one in 1000 that make it to be an adult turtle.

"Perhaps she was crying for the 999 that didn't make it - that's nature, that's the way it is."

After collaboration between Better Homes and Gardens and Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism, Mon Repos was chosen a filming location because of the major loggerhead population.

"The Bundaberg turtle season is ultimately the experience that the show's producers were chasing for Dr Harry, enabling us then to add on some beautiful destination content to compliment the Mon Repos hatchling story and showcase what Bundaberg has to offer," General Manager of Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism, Katherine Mergard said.

"We are so fortunate to have the Better Homes and Garden team showcasing the Bundaberg region." 

The footage will appear in a future episode of Better Homes and Gardens.

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