Don't put your green waste in the bin: Council

PLACING your green waste clippings into the general waste bin is a big no no, according to Bundaberg Regional Council.

Waste and Recycling portfolio spokesperson Cr Vince Habermann said a recent council survey showed a large number of residents were incorrectly disposing of garden and lawn clippings.

"Approximately 32% of waste collected by council's Waste Collection Services is green waste which ends up in the general waste bin. That equates to around 8300 tonnes of green waste collected by council per annum," Cr Habermann said.

"That level of contamination of weekly waste services has a great impact on our trucks, transport and landfill costs. It also increases labour costs, with staff having to manually sort through the waste and remove any remnants of green waste, which is a complex and laborious task."

Cr Habermann said it was also a huge environmental issue with incorrect disposal of green waste filling landfills at a faster rate than necessary and increasing risks of leachate and methane generation.

"This is an environmental and financial problem for Council and costs associated with managing the issue are ultimately passed onto the rate payers. We want to avoid that as much as possible and that's why we're asking residents to do the right thing.

"It's important that residents know there are other far more effective methods for managing garden waste at home," He said.

Proper methods for disposing of green waste include:

  • Composting at home either into a composting system or by returning grass clippings to your garden, not catching your grass clippings, using a self mulching mower, self hauling your waste to a local waste facility or use a garden waste bag service.

Bundaberg Regional Council encourages all residents to check out the "Don't Waste Your Green Waste" factsheet for more information.

More information is available on Council website or by contacting Waste & Recycling through the council call centre on 1300 883 699.

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