STALWART: Donald Jamieson outside the family-owned Motel Childers.
STALWART: Donald Jamieson outside the family-owned Motel Childers. Mike Knott BUN080119MOT1

Don's half a century spent at motel

FOR Donald Jamieson, Motel Childers has been home for the past 50 years.

In today's fast-paced society, many people change professions and cities on a regular basis, but that's not the case for Mr Jamieson.

A fall off a horse landed Mr Jamieson in Childers and he hasn't looked back since.

Set to turn 80 years old this year, Mr Jamieson is celebrating half a century at Motel Childers on January 15.

Despite the milestone at the motel, he said time goes and you don't realise how long it's been.

Before his life at the motel, he had spent years mustering in Springsure and said he always thought riding a horse was a rough way of walking.

But after a fall from a horse left him crippled, he knew he'd never ride again.

He said after the incident and knowing there was no way he could ride a horse again, his mother and father bought the motel and his journey with the business began.

What's now a Chinese restaurant at the motel is leased out.

Mr Jamieson said the eatery was formerly a garage but they needed a means to feed their guests.

One of the most dramatic memories he has is of the day he was relaxing watching tennis and then heard a loud bang.

A truck had hit the restaurant.

Mr Jamieson said the township of Childers and the people in it is what made for a great place to live.

"The people are really good around here,” he said.

And living in close proximity to the hub of Childers businesses, Mr Jamieson said he doesn't need a car because he can walk everywhere he needs to go - a positive not only for him, but also for the guests staying at the motel.

He said they provided breakfast for the guests and for those who didn't want to eat Chinese food, had merely walk up the main street to find several options.

With no online booking system, Mr Jamieson said people had to call to book a room in the Motel Childers and business wasn't "too bad”.

The 14-room hotel has not only been a place of work for Mr Jamieson and his wife, but a place to raise their five children.

He said having the business meant they were always home and the children never came home to an empty house.

Mr Jamieson said the grown-up children all had jobs outside of the motel.

He said he still works at the motel seven days a week and has no intention of slowing down.

While he couldn't highlight a particular aspect of the motel life, he said it was "better than riding horses and falling off”.

And he's not the only one sticking around the motel. Mr Jamieson said the ferns in the office were his mother's plants so they would also be about 50 years old.

Motel Childers is on 36 Churchill St, Childers. To contact the motel, phone 4126 1177.

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