Dust storm leaves us done and dusted

PUDDLES car wash was doing a roaring trade yesterday after a dust storm coated Bundaberg in a layer of dirt.

Manager Darren Duckworth said it was one of the busiest days he had seen in his three years at the east Bundaberg carwash.

“Everyone has dust all over their cars,” he said.

“Even the high-power vacuums are busy with people cleaning their interiors.”

Mr Duckworth said the four self-serve bays were full almost all day and the automatic wash, which usually receives around 50 cars per day, was on track for more than 70.

The conditions which brought the dust also delivered cooler weather, resulting in a reduced fire danger which is expected to increase again tomorrow.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Grant said the worst of the storm was over.

“It will only get better for Bundaberg in terms of visibility,” he said.

Despite some warnings of health risks, Bundaberg residents were not badly affected.

A spokesperson from the Department of Community Safety said Bundaberg ambulances did not experience any increase in the number of people calling for help in regards to respiratory illness.

This was also the case at the Bundaberg Hospital.

Sunshine Coast-Wide Bay Health Service manager Beth Norton said the hospital is equipped and prepared for any patients who present with symptoms related to respiratory or heart disease, but did not expect there to be any further health-related issues as a result of the dust haze.

Mr Grant said the remaining haze in Bundaberg is expected to clear by last night as the dust headed out to sea.

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