Local laws officer Brett Heidke on the prowl for unregistered dogs.
Local laws officer Brett Heidke on the prowl for unregistered dogs. Scottie Simmonds

Dog days in council area

BUNDABERG Regional Council officers are getting ready to put the bite on the owners of unregistered dogs.

The officers will fan out across the region from October 11 to November 12 to check on the registrations of as many dogs as possible.

At a meeting last week, the council was told a number of areas had not been covered by surveys undertaken in the last financial year.

People who owned unregistered dogs would be given 14 days to register them.

Bundaberg CEO Peter Byrne said the latest campaign was part of an inspection program the council carried out from time to time in the region to check for unregistered dogs.

“We can do random inspections across the entire region, or we might choose to do a suburb,” he said.

Mr Byrne said the council resolution approving the inspection program gave council officers the right to go on to people’s premises and ask them if they had a dog and whether it was registered or not.

Council officers are not allowed to enter buildings on properties in search of dogs.

“If no one’s at home, we might check with the neighbours if there is a dog on site, or leave a note to say we’ve been there,” he said.

Mr Byrne said the council had carried out several dog registration inspection programs over the years, and found them to be “quite successful”.

“If we find people have unregistered dogs, we try to work with them to get the situation sorted out,” he said.

Mr Byrne said the inspection program would be carried out by existing council staff.

“They might be working in an area and, as part of that, they might decide to do an inspection in a part of a suburb,” he said.

Mr Byrne said because of the size of the amalgamated Bundaberg region, it was impossible to cover the whole area every time the council agreed to carry out an inspection program.

A council spokesman said all dogs over two months, with a maximum of two dogs at any one site, had to be registered.

Breeding dogs for sale without permission from the council was prohibited.


$80 (entire dog)

$40 (entire dog - pension concession)

$25 (desexed dog upon presentation of a desexing certificate)

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