Dog alive despite snake bite

AN old bushman's treatment may just have saved an Apple Tree Creek family dog after it was bitten by a red-bellied black snake earlier on Monday.

The deJong family feared for the life of Staffy-Mastiff cross Spike, after mum Janelle realised he had been bitten following a scuffle with the deadly snake.

Mrs deJong's husband, Byron, remembered an old bushman's tale that if a dog were bitten by a snake putting it in a dam for a few hours could cure it.

Three days later, Spike is running around happily despite the potentially fatal bite.

“He was a bit sad and sorry on Monday, but he was pretty lively on Tuesday night playing with the other dogs,” Mrs deJong said.

Snakes Downunder reptile expert Ian Jenkins said he had heard of the treatment, but emphasised that in the event of any animal being bitten by a snake, veterinary advice should always be sought.

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