Do you know these fruits and vegetables?

How many can you identify?
How many can you identify?

HOW well do you know your common and unusual fruit and veg?

We've made a chart featuring some fruit and vegetables that are regularly or occasionally available at major supermarkets or fruit and vegetable markets. 

How many of the following 12 fruit and veg can you identify? Have a think about it and when you think you know, check out the answers here.

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Cashless welfare card coming for Bundaberg, Hervey Bay

IT'S HAPPENING: Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt and Human Services Minister Alan Tudge in Hervey Bay earlier this year to discuss the cashless welfare card.

Pitt to announce Cashless Debit Card for Bundaberg today

Police catch drivers doing all kinds of bad things

A traffic operation at Gayndah had 11 people charged with a variety of drug related offences and 31 traffic infringement notices.

Drugs and not wearing seat belts an issue on our roads

Cannabis, guns, ammo found

SEARCH WARRANT: Man charged with weapon and drugs offences.

50 cannabis plants, 3 firearms and a quantity of ammunition found

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