Cigarette DNA catches 'Goldilocks'

TOOWOOMBA woman Helga Anita Seebacher will forever more be known as Goldilocks after being convicted of breaking into a house, helping herself to food and sleeping there.

The home owner being away, Seebacher, 42, had kicked in the back door to gain entry and stayed at the Ruthven St house between April 11 and 19, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

She told a male friend the house was her new address, and he had turned up bearing a house-warming gift, prosecutor Sergeant Karen Kroon told the court.

Apart from helping herself to food, Seebacher and her friend had smoked cigarettes inside the house which ultimately proved their undoing.

Though she had left the house by the time the home owner returned, police were able to obtain DNA from the cigarette butts left behind which forensics eventually matched by police records to the intruders.

Seebacher appeared in custody to plead guilty to breaking and entering a dwelling as well as to failing to stop on a police direction when driving through Toowoomba CBD on August6 and to breaching her bail.

The court heard she was on parole at the time of the offences and had since been returned to prison but was due for release next week.

Taking into account her six pages of criminal history but allowing for time already spent in prison, Magistrate Andy Cridland sentenced Seebacher to six months jail but suspended the term immediately for two years.

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