Disqualified driver brings a cheer squad along to court

IT IS usual for court galleries to be overcrowded with people on traffic case days, as many defendants bring along friends and family due to the inevitable prospect of losing their licence.   

One man took this to a whole new level this week, bringing about a dozen friends with him to Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.  

Jackson Lindsay Lee had plenty of support on Wednesday when he was disqualified from driving for three years.  

The 19-year-old had never held a driver's licence, but that has not stopped him from driving, the court heard.   

He was most recently caught behind the wheel heading from the Torbanlea Races on October 27.   

Lee tried to outsmart police by quickly swapping with a female passenger in the car after being pulled over, but that did not work.   

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge warned the teen that he would be going to jail if he drove while disqualified again.   

He was also fined $1500.