'Disgusting' texts sent to mother

A MAGISTRATE has blasted an Ipswich man who repeatedly breached a protection order with his former partner.

The 37-year-old man sent hundreds of nasty texts to the woman, at one stage threatening to tie her to a chair and burn down her house.

A court was told the man also abused emergency triple-0 operators during the course of his offending.

The man was sentenced to six months' jail on certain domestic violence offences, with the sentence suspended for two years.

He was ordered to complete an 18-month probation order on remaining charges.

The tradesman pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to more than a dozen offences, including six contraventions of domestic violence orders; numerous drug offences; trespass and wilful damage; improper use of emergency call service; and obstructing police.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Bernard Elmore said the man sent the woman threatening text messages within 40 minutes of leaving court at a previous appearance.

He later sent her 400 text messages and damaged the doors at her home.

His defence lawyer said the man had been held six weeks in custody, which proved to be an effective "wake-up call" for him.

He said the couple had separated and had one child together.

"Clearly his behaviour was persistent and entirely unwarranted," the lawyer said.

The court heard the man faced his own health challenges after being struck by a car and suffering severe back injuries.

Ms Sturgess said his behaviour was threatening and abusive. In one of his texts, he threatened to kick the woman's door in, and tie her to "a f---ing chair and burn the house down. See you soon. I wouldn't fall asleep if I was you".

Ms Sturgess outlined the written police facts on record, saying that in one incident when the man was refused entry to her house, he kicked open the doors and stole her computer.

The next day he made numerous calls to triple-0 emergency service and was abusive to the operators.

Ms Sturgess said it was "a barrage of indecent and vulgar abuse" to people just doing their job.

"It's not pretty reading, the language you used, " Ms Sturgess told him as he sat in the court dock.

"It's absolutely disgusting behaviour.

"The texts are absolutely disgusting."

She also noted his abuse to both police and a taxi driver, saying "you certainly do not come across as an attractive human being".

Given he had already spent 42 days held in custody, the man was released from custody.

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