Discovering a trail of personal reflection

WORKING faster than a racehorse at the Melbourne Cup, Helena Botros created a journal in just two weeks that encourages people to discover themselves.

After focusing on her love of horses and the work she does with Phoenix House's equine-assisted therapy program, Mrs Botros put together Trails of Discovery.

The journal uses horse photographs and stories to help people confront issues in their lives.

“There are 26 sections about things like the truth, choosing paths, finding stillness within ourselves and courage,” Mrs Botros said.

“There are 26 photos, 26 stories and 26 opportunities for personal reflection.”

There is also room for readers to write down their thoughts.

Phoenix House is a Bundaberg organisation that offers therapy and other programs to child and adult victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Equine-assisted therapy gives children the chance to explore their emotions by interacting with horses.

Mrs Botros said a lot of the clients in the equine-assisted therapy program were using guides similar to the journal.

Phoenix House administrator Serena Kemsley said the photograph of the horse trotting through the ocean, which accompanied a poem at the back of the journal, stayed with her long after she put the book down.

“I think she's done an amazing job in a short period of time,” she said.

Ms Kemsley said the book was also being given to selected clients using Phoenix House's services.

The journal is available at Dymocks Booksellers, in Bourbong Street, for $39.95.

If it gallops off the shelves, Phoenix House will print more than the 100 currently available.

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