Denis, Rita and Philip Kovacs in front of the pile of dirt just metres from their home.
Denis, Rita and Philip Kovacs in front of the pile of dirt just metres from their home. MURRAY WENZEL

Dirt pile causes a dispute

A FIVE-METRE high pile of earth that appeared behind a Sharon family’s house last week is set to spoil their Christmas.

Rita Kovacs, who operates the Sharon Service Station with her husband, said the huge mound of dirt was exacerbating her medical conditions.

She was also nervous about the effect on her property during wet weather.

An agitated Mrs Kovacs said the earth came from work being done to build a new car park for the Sharon State Primary School.

She claimed Bundaberg Regional Council had caused the wall to be built, but a spokesman for the council denied that yesterday.

Mrs Kovacs said she suffered from asthma and claustrophobia and the earth wall was making her conditions worse.

“It’s a 5m big wall, when I go out there I can’t breathe any more,” she said.

“It’s from the Sharon school. Everybody saw it being moved and excavators pushing it up into a big wall.

“My throat closes straight up as soon as I go into the back yard.”

Mrs Kovacs said dust from the wall was already encroaching on to her property and into the house.

“Imagine living in a house like that. What happens when the water comes?” she said.

“Everything is clogged up with the dust – it’s right next to the washing line, imagine all that dirt on the washing.”

Mrs Kovacs said she was particularly upset the wall had been built just before the festive season.

“I’m really devastated this could happen just before Christmas. We’ve got a business, we only get one day off and we might have to go to the beach or something,” she said.

A spokeswoman for the council said the Planning and Development Department received a public complaint about the earthworks on Friday.

A council development engineer attended the site the same day to investigate the matter and contacted the complainant and the land owner to obtain additional information.

The investigations confirmed the earthworks were not related to nearby council work and were, in fact, spoil from the neighbouring landowner’s dam.

The spokeswoman said the council had a formal complaint management procedure and Mrs Kovacs had been advised the council would investigate the complaint in an effort to resolve the matter.

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