Brodie wins on motocross track

EMERGING dirt devil Brodie Matt, 15, has continued to gather momentum in the lead-up to the Australian Junior Titles with a win at the Jono Porter Memorial.

The speed-loving Bundy teen left competitors in the 12-16 years Big Wheel category for dead, winning all three motos and the final in comfortable fashion.

Matt turned heads at the event with his trademark precision cornering used to full effect on the infamous Rockhampton motocross track.

“It's a tough course but I'd done a lot of preparation and I had a fair idea of what to expect,” he said.

The win has put a spring in his step as he prepares for the Australian Junior Titles to be held in Newcastle next month.

The Rum City Motorcross Club racer may be young but has plenty of experience in the saddle. He first started riding at three years of age and began racing competitively at six.

“It's always been there and it's something I enjoy the more I do it,” he said.

Matt will hit a well-worn motocross track at his parents Pine Creek property with increasing frequency as the event approaches.

“I've got a bit of work to do, so I think I'll be spending most of my time out there,” he said.

“It's pretty hotly contested so I want my riding to be pretty sharp when I get out there.”

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