Letter: Dingoes starving

LET THEM EAT: Fraser Island’s dingoes need to be fed, says one reader.
LET THEM EAT: Fraser Island’s dingoes need to be fed, says one reader. Alistair Brightman

IT'S pretty obvious that each time you see a picture or TV footage, the dingoes on Fraser Island are starving.

They are the ones in trouble, not the tourists who manage to get bitten disobeying the rules and regulations in place.

They survived for generations while the brumbies were there and logging was part of the island's history.

They need to be fed.

The hard question is how.

The estimate of their numbers is around 300, give or take a few, and they are the only full blood dingoes (apart from wildlife sanctuaries etc) left in Australia.

Their history and heritage must be preserved.

They need food.

How can it be provided?

Maybe a daily drop from the air by helicopter if this became the most efficient, or a more radical approach - mix two of our country's icons and put kangaroos on the island.

After the NewsMail article about 300 dead roos in outback Queensland, one has to wonder whether this could be good for the dingoes, Fraser Island and the future of tourism on the Fraser Coast.



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