Dingoes slaughter goats in attack

A GOAT stud owner is counting the cost after dingoes slaughtered 12 animals and left two goat kids seriously injured in a savage attack.

Barb Vincent, of Eureka, said she had no idea of the carnage being caused on her property on Tuesday afternoon, until some of her startled herd stampeded into the back yard of her homestead.

When she and friend Ross McLennan went to investigate armed with rifles, they found dead and wounded goats on one part of the property and saw two dingoes attacking others further into the paddock.

Their shots missed the dingoes, which fled into the scrub.

But they were then faced with the gut-wrenching task of euthanising stock with life-threatening injuries and rounding up the carcasses of those already dead.

“There's no doubt they were full-blood dingoes,” Mrs Vincent said.

“They were red with the white blaze on their chests and they were attacking from the rear.”

She said the worst part of the attacks was the adult mated pair was only killing for sport.

“They weren't killing to eat the goats,” she said.

Bundaberg Regional Council is holding a wild dog/dingo trapping training day at the Apple Tree Creek Sportsground from 10am on September 22.

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