Digital eye watching speedsters

HIGH-TECH digital technology will give Bundaberg speedsters pause for thought when it is rolled out across the state.

The state government has been trialling seven new digital speed cameras since November 2009, a Transport and Main Roads spokesman said yesterday.

“Over time, all current ‘wet film’ cameras will be replaced with digital speed cameras, including in Bundaberg,” he said.

“Locations for new speed cameras are based on traffic history of various roads and intersections. These sites are primarily selected by identifying locations with a history of serious casualty crashes or potential for crashes to occur.”

As well as slowing drivers down, the new technology is set to deliver a financial windfall to the state government.

Because the digital cameras are so accurate they will be able to record – and fine – drivers just a fraction over the speed limit, a level of accuracy the outdated wet-film cameras could not achieve.

The new cameras are expected to be hidden in unmarked vans to ensure they catch as many speeding drivers as possible.

Police Minister Neil Roberts has welcomed the arrival of the new technology.

“Speeding is one of the most significant factors in road trauma and death,” he said.

“Of Queensland’s 360 road deaths in 2007, 97 or 27 % were speed related. Similarly in 2008, 88 or 27% of the state’s 328 road deaths were speed related.

“The speed limit is the limit, not a guide. One ‘k’ over the limit is speeding under Queensland law.”

Mr Roberts said there was clear evidence increasing the chance and uncertainty of detection was a powerful motivator in changing driver behaviour.

“Motorists will need to consider whether the vehicle or motorcycle they are speeding past is an unmarked police vehicle or if the vehicle parked in their suburban street is fitted with a speed camera,” he said.

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