Derailment results unclear

BUNDABERG Regional Council has finished an internal investigation as to whether road maintenance employees were responsible for a cane train derailment on October 22.

Council roads and drainage operations manager Adam Wyatt said findings were inconclusive, as a number of factors were found that may have contributed to the derailment.

“Bundaberg Regional Council carried out a full investigation, but the findings have been inconclusive, with a number of factors being found that may have contributed to the accident,” he said.

The council had graded the road the day prior to the accident, and following the investigation intends to change procedures for working near train lines.

“Council is currently reviewing procedures in relation to working around train lines, particularly on unsealed roads,” Mr Wyatt said.

“In doing this, Council will consider the need for improved communication with Bundaberg Sugar and Isis Central Sugar Mill.”

Council chief executive officer Peter Byrne said while the council accepts that the grading may have been a contributing factor, it was not solely to blame.

“We don’t deny that council grated the road, but we do not believe this was the sole contributing factor to the derailment,” he said.

“We will ensure our drivers are very aware of tracks in the future but we can’t stop grading roads. We have requested our drivers to be more vigilant in the future.

“We are always mindful of safety, that is why our senior people along with work place health and safety investigated the situation immediately.”

Australian Workers Union organiser Tony Beers is sick of drivers being placed in unsafe situations.

“These loco operators are very skilled at what they do,” he said.

“There may have been lots of factors that caused the accident but it would not be the drivers.”

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