Workman's Beach at Agnes Water.
Workman's Beach at Agnes Water.

G-string wearing flasher had baby oil, binoculars and condom

FORCED out of work for the first time in his life with a shoulder injury, a 64-year-old Agnes Water man spent time laying on the sand at the popular Workman's Beach in a black g-string.

But instead of just enjoying the sunshine, a depressed John Arthur Lowe stripped off and fondled himself in front of a female beachgoer.

Having already witnessed the naked Lowe on four or five occasions, the woman had apparently had enough, and so on February 28 this year, decided to call the police.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt told the Bundaberg Magistrates Court when officers arrived they found Lowe about 60m up the beach and a check of his bag revealed a set of binoculars, baby oil and a condom.

In March, Lowe pleaded guilty to committing an indecent act in a public place.

The matter was adjourned to contest the facts - particularity what police found in his bag.

Lowe claimed he was actually rubbing on sunscreen.

But on Thursday Lowe returned to court with a new lawyer and accepted the facts as they were read out by the prosecution.

"Police from Agnes Water received a phone call from a member of the public stating a male person was exposing himself and masturbating," Sen-Constable Blunt said.

He said when police arrived they found Lowe on the beach, where he admitted he was naked but denied masturbating.

"Police conducted a search of his bag and located a set of binoculars, a condom and a tub of baby oil," he said.

On Thursday Lowe's defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield told the court her client was an upstanding citizen who had moved to Agnes Water in 2016 and quickly involved himself in the community, volunteering with numerous organisations.

Handing up medical material, Ms Ditchfield said Lowe had been unable to work since 2016 due to a shoulder injury and since the incident had sought medical help to address his mental health.

"This was the catalyst that led to him seeking assistance," she said.

"For a 64-year-old man who had worked his entire life and finding himself without work, he was finding it difficult to cope.

"While he was working on renovations around the home and busying himself with volunteering work, he still wasn't finding himself fulfilled.

"My submission is that given his personal circumstances, this a 64-year-old man suffering depression ...with no criminal history whatsoever engaging in conduct ... that doesn't seem to have caused any harm."

Taking Lowe's circumstances into consideration Magistrate Belinda Merrin fined him $1000 without recording a conviction.

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