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Former MP Dempsey tops in poll for new mayor

FORMER Member for Bundaberg Jack Dempsey will be wondering why he lost his seat at the state election after he topped a NewsMail popularity poll.

The NewsMail put a poll on its Facebook page asking who residents would like to be the Bundaberg region mayor after the local government elections next year.

And Mr Dempsey was a clear leader.

There was also some support for deputy mayor David Batt.

But if the results of the poll are any indication, Mr Dempsey could maybe start thinking about having a run for the job next year.

Tellingly, there was no support at all for current mayor Mal Forman.

But several of the respondents made it clear they wanted new faces on Bundaberg Regional Council, particularly in the top job.

Mark Barrett said simply "Jack Dempsey".

Joel Cuming agreed: "Go Jack Dempsey."

Who should be the region's next mayor? Post your thoughts below:

Posted by NewsMail on Thursday, 2 July 2015

Kelley Whitfield Hutchinson agreed.

"Jack Dempsey please. Lovely man," was the response.

Clinton Honor was also a Dempsey man.

"Jack Dempsey indeed. Top bloke!," he said.

Sharon Josephine had no specific candidate, but opted for "someone who is young and likes change".

Debbie Burns also wanted "someone who is young and that wants progress and encourages new businesses in Bundaberg to employ local people and get rid of some of the ones that sit on that board as well get new blood on our bench ... that will actually do something positive for Bundaberg instead of lining their own pockets

Mark Cariss was adamant.

"Anyone but Mal Forman. We need someone who will give our council boys the work and not give it to out of town contractors," he said.

Belinda Hancock wanted someone with a clean slate.

"Although I think knowledge of Bundaberg is necessary it would be nice to see someone who has nothing to do with other council members, properties or any ties with any other business ventures within the Bundaberg region," was her assessment on the poll.

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