SPECIAL CAREER: Lucia Wadsworth has had an interesting career as a nurse.
SPECIAL CAREER: Lucia Wadsworth has had an interesting career as a nurse. Mike Knott BUN080519LUC1

A nurse's story: Dedicated to helping others

FOR nurses like Lucia Wadsworth, it's not the money that keeps them coming back to work everyday, rather it's about making a difference in the lives of people.

While many mark Sunday on their calendars as Mother's Day, it is also International Nurses Day.

Ahead of the global day to recognise hard-working nurses, the NewsMail sat down with child health nurse Lucia Wadsworth to talk about her career in the health industry.

Having started her training in 1983, at just 17-years-old, Ms Wadsworth said her interest in health, fitness and science was what prompted her to take up nursing.

And after several decades in the industry, Ms Wadsworth has had a range of opportunities within the scope of nursing, from emergency to child health nursing.


She said that was a variety of opportunities offered within the industry as a nurse, particularly in emergency.

"Back in that period of time, I got to go out on helicopter retrievals, I've been to (resuscitations) on sandbars in Morton Bay, worked on site at a bus crash on Mount Tambourine back in 89, stuff like that," Ms Wadsworth said.

"I've got to do some quite, diverse and interesting things. I was attracted to emergency nursing because I really like to hear people's stories in life."


She said her focus shifted once she moved to Melbourne, working in a children's hospital to the preventative side of healthcare and then education.

Having moved to Bundaberg in 2003, Ms Wadsworth now works as a child health nurse, working with parents to promote positive-parenting and child development.

She said there was support for everything from feeding, to sleep, and more to give children the best start.

"I've had that opportunity to really radically change each of my settings with nursing, but without having to actually retrain in to a whole new position or anything," she said.

She said in the field of nursing, like medicine, it had become more technical and more proactive.

"We always make the best decision at the time with the information that we have, so when we know better, we do better," she said.

"So sometimes it's just about you know, always looking forward and getting all that information that's out there to decide on what we want to do."

Ms Wadsworth said with a wealth of information available on the internet, it was important for her to explain why they do things in certain ways to patients.


She said in light of the opportunities she's had, she couldn't imagine doing anything else.

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