'Dead man' charged over dope 'cure'

SEARCH WARRANT: Some of the drugs seized by police in a raid at Eureka.
SEARCH WARRANT: Some of the drugs seized by police in a raid at Eureka.

STEPHEN James Gilchrist was busted and arrested on a rural property near Childers in a police raid that officers say netted 51 cannabis plants.

The Bundaberg Magistrates Court heard that Gilchrist, 59, had told officers he'd sold drugs to a person who was 'producing a cancer cure'.

Gilchrist was arrested on Thursday and yesterday and made an unsuccessful bail application after being charged with a series of offences including: possession of dangerous drugs at Faints Rd, Eureka on September 21; supplying dangerous drugs; possession of instructions to produce dangerous drugs; two counts of unlawful possession of weapons (including a pistol); having drug utensils; and having items used in the commission of a crime.

Police opposed his application, with Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland saying Gilchrist had been living in caravan on-site for eight months.

In making the bail application, defence lawyer Lavonda Maloy said it was only by Gilchrist's admissions to police that the drug supply charge arose, and if granted bail he would report to police and not leave Queensland.

However, magistrate Belinda Merrin said Gilchrist was living in a caravan, told police he was transient, and stated he'd not completed tax returns for 15 years and returned government mail sent to him in WA claiming to be 'deceased'.

Ms Merrin said 13 packets found allegedly held amounts of marijuana which was suspicious, his address was still in WA, and he "even pretended that he's deceased”.

"And (in police facts) he's admitted supplying a pound of drugs to a person he says is using it to produce a cancer cure,” she said.

Ms Merrin said Gilchrist also told police he had worked for a consultancy company earning more than $200,000 and had not put the money in the bank, and had not completed tax returns for 15 years.

She found Gilchrist to be an unacceptable risk and refused him bail, his matters adjourned to October 26.

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