Western Wendt cranks the throttle on an Outlander quad bike at AgroTrend.
Western Wendt cranks the throttle on an Outlander quad bike at AgroTrend. Max Fleet

Day two of AgroTrend a success

RAIN clouds threatening to storm on the AgroTrend parade did not put a dampener on the activities, with many geared-up showgoers ready for day two of the agricultural field day.

The building excitement for last night’s rodeo could be felt in the air, as crowds arrived early to soak up the day’s displays and secure a good spot for the Roughstock and Barrels Circuit Challenge.

Visitor Jo Wiltshier said this year’s AgroTrend was one of the best she had seen in the 27 years of attending the field day extravaganza.

“It’s better than last year – especially for the farmers,” she said.

Mrs Wiltshier and her husband first attended AgroTrend to get ideas from exhibitors on what to do with their property in Deepwater.

“We picked up an orchard business when we came here the first time,” she said.

“It’s a start-up for people who don’t know much to begin with.”

First-time AgroTrend exhibitor Len Waddington travelled from Gympie with his range of Segways – two-wheeled people movers that rely on a person’s balance for speed and direction.

“It senses your movement and goes with you,” Mr Waddington said.

Balancing skills were put to the test, as many lined up to give the two-wheeled vehicles a try.

“They are great for people with limited mobility – as long as you can stay up, with reasonable balance,” Mr Waddington said.

Although a price tag of about $11,000 may have deterred potential buyers, Mr Waddington was impressed with the amount of interest generated.

“There’s a lot of interest in them – people can see the usage,” he said.

AgroTrend manager Col Reynolds said yesterday’s crowd numbers were a reflection of the event’s popularity.

“We’re encouraged by the crowds here – a lot of goods and stock have been sold,” he said.

“AgroTrend today is not just traditional farming – there’s a range of new things.

“There’s a lot more machinery than there has been in recent times.”

Mr Reynolds said although numbers were slightly down on Thursday, the rodeo had “beefed up” interest.

Today will be the final day of AgroTrend, and Mr Reynolds encouraged the community to get down to the grounds bright and early to make the most of the event before it closed at 3pm.

“Today is an opportunity for those working during the week to enjoy some time with their families,” he said.

“There’s a lot of positives to come out of it all.”