A truck crossing double white lines going up the Mount Morgan Range
A truck crossing double white lines going up the Mount Morgan Range contributed

DASHCAM: Motorists' near miss with B-Double on mountain

WEDNESDAY 1.50PM: A SECOND motorist involved in traffic chaos on a mountain range has come forward describing the truck driver's actions as dangerous and impatient.

Tamara Cassandra Seeber posted comments on The Bulletin's Facebook page on a post about the dashcam provided by Struck Oil resident Kev Lemberg.


She said the truck driver didn't handle the situation the right way.

"I was behind this car on that day and let me tell you, it was not easy to see it coming," Ms Seeber posted.

"With those corners and trying to focus on everything going on around you on that hill, you see a bit of the coming traffic but not for long enough to easily see that they have stopped.

"He almost hit me multiple times after these guys got passed as he wouldn't let me reverse back much before starting to go again (whilst there were four other cars behind me going back around the corner trying to give us space).

"Fair enough if he is legally able to take that route, but be smart about it at least, and don't put others in danger."

A Department of Main Roads and Transport spokesman confirmed a map dated 2005 on its website showing that section of the Burnett Highway as a no-go zone for B-doubles and road trains was still the current restriction for that road.

He said heavy vehicle operators have access to those maps on the department's website at all times and were expected to review them before mapping out the route they expect to travel before departing.

Check out the maps on the department's website here: multi-combination vehicles in southern Queensland

TUESDAY: A PASSENGER in a vehicle that had a near miss with a truck on the Mount Morgan Range just before Christmas has shared a video of the incident to warn others.

Kev Lemberg, who has Parkinson's, was in the passenger seat while his wife Carole was driving down the range on December 23 when the incident occurred.

He has narrated the turn of events in the video, describing how they had seen the B-double truck but did not realise until they were upon it that it was taking up most of the Burnett Highway.

The truck was travelling up the mountain range with cars behind it when it travelled far over the double white lines and was about 80% across the lane the Lemberg's were in.

Mr Lemberg said he and his wife have lived in Struck oil for 17 years and have only ever had the odd car, mainly with non-Queensland number plates, pass them on the double white lines.

Mr Lemberg finished off his narration of the video, urging motorists to drive safely.

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