Daniel's alleged murderer vowed to 'kill off' identity

THE man accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe told his crime gang mate that he wanted "to be an asset" to them and would kill off 'Brett and Shaddo' if he had to because he was "happy".

Brett Peter Cowan, also known as Shaddo N-unya Hunter, told undercover operative Paul "Fitzy" Fitzsimmons on August 8, 2011, that he had just sent photos of his dog and "birdie" to his mum and dad but he had no problem ditching them .

"F***ing Brett and Shaddo can f***in' die," he said

"Death certificate, f***in dead and buried.

"Wiling to cut all ties with me family, I've done that before.

"I'm happy. I haven't been happy like this before.

"It's not just the money it's the f***in' … mateship."

Mr Cowan told Fitzy he saw corrupt police officer Craig on the television news for a gay love triangle murder.

Ftizy told him Craig, who had just been in the car with him, was "pretty high up" and worked with "all the murders and sh** like that".

"Yeah he's a f***in' good bloke, hey, I think he done a f***in good job," he said.

Fitzy told Mr Cowan how some cash pick-ups, for drugs or prostitution or other criminal ventures, would not make as much money as others but everyone always got an equal share.

He told him they would have a huge couple of nights after the "big job" coming up, probably rent a penthouse for a party.

"So, yeah, 'cause um like this big job looks like it's gonna be happening. So tomorrow what I'm hoping man is, um it's pretty well 100%, only if you want though … might go to Kalgoorlie," he said.

"I'm there f***in' oath," Mr Cowan said.

He said he wanted to get a little unit closer to the city once he got his share of the expected windfall, 10% of the $1million anticipated the court has heard.


ROLLING COVERAGE: Confession of Brett Peter Cowan

Cowan tells undercover cop why he changed his name to Shaddo N-unya Hunter

MURDER accused Brett Peter Cowan told undercover cops in Western Australia he changed his name to Shaddo N-unya Hunter because he believed Queensland police could no longer call him back to the Daniel Morcombe inquest.

Shaddo was the name of his dog, N-unya stood for "none ya business" and he saw Hunter on television or radio, he said.

Mr Cowan was forced to reveal his involvement in the Morcombe investigation when fake corrupt police officer Craig told him Queensland's state coroner was issuing another subpoena for the inquest during a meeting on August 4,2011.

"I was living in the area that Daniel Morcombe went missing from," Mr Cowan said in a recording played in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday.

"And that's how I met f.... Joe (another covert cop) on the plane back from being subpoenaed over there."

Paul "Fitzy" Fitzsimmons told Cowan there was nothing the fake gang could not make "go away" but he had to be honest.

"You just gotta be honest because if anything comes back on the group, that the thing," he said.

"They don't give a f*** what you've done mate."

Mr Cowan said he thought it was all behind him.

"If I'd know that there was going to be another subpoena I would've said something to you or Geoff about it," he said.

Fitzy told Mr Cowan not to worry as he was "part of the brotherhood".

"Yeah man f***in' who gives a sh** eh, they'll look after us man," he said..

"We don't give a f*** dude so don't, don't worry man, it's all right.

"We're the best blokes in the world at cleaning up sh** you know, any hassles."

Mr Cowan said he was worried the Morcombe case would damage his relationship with the gang he wanted to be a part of.

"This, it'd be the only thing that stuffs me up with youse, this'd be the only thing that stops me from comin' in," he said.


Fitzy assured him it would be fine.

"It won't mate. Mate take it from me dude, it won't," he said.

"I have a few f***in' things they had to clean out too man and they like people like you and me mate, 'cause they know we're f***in' not and they know that we'll look after 'em because we're getting looked after you know.

Brett Peter Cowan
Brett Peter Cowan

"This is the first family I've ever had mate, you know what I mean, so that's why it f***in' means so much to me.

'Crime boss' raised concern about being blindsided over Daniel Morcombe case

WHEN corrupt police officer Craig raised a new subpoena for Brett Peter Cowan, Fitzy immediately escalated the "flag" to the Western Australian crime boss Geoff who was concerned about being "blindsided".

Mr Cowan told Geoff how he was "hammered" when Daniel Morcombe first went missing but he thought it was over so he did not tell his new mates.

Geoff said he appreciated honesty and that Fitzy would vouch for him but he was not 100% sure yet.

He told Mr Cowan not to stress about it but reinforced honesty was "what bonds us together".

"Well I appreciate you being honest with us, um, as I've always said from the start, Shaddo, you know, we and me, and the best way to work is honesty okay, um, I'm not about judging people," he said.

"I'm about getting the job done and getting on with life.

"Let me speak to Craig, let me find out the ins and out so of it.

"Just see what we can do but leave it with me.

"We can pretty much well resolve most of them okay but let me speak to Craig and I'll find out what the guts of it is."

Geoff asked Mr Cowan whether he was still right to keep "boxin' on" with the big job coming up and Mr Cowan agreed he was.

Mr Cowan had shaved off his goatee because he had a rash beneath it.

Geoff joked that he looked "like a decent citizen now".

"I won't say there's nothing we can't fix but pretty much," he said.

"I can put things in place but if you don't speak up and you don't tell us things, it just makes it a bit harder for us to work.

"That's how I look after the people and people look after me and it flows down from there okay.

"Um and we prefer honesty.

"Because it's nicer to know what's happened than to get blindsided."

Fitzy said he didn't give a flying f***about Mr Cowan's past.

"They really make things disappear man," he said.

"That 's what he did for me, I just told him everything and f***in' gone."

Mr Cowan told  Fitzy how he was initially "suss on Joe" because he thought he was a reporter put on the plane to talk to him on the way back from Queensland after the inquest.

Joe was not a reporter. He was an undercover operative.


Gang needed background checks, undercover cops tell Brett Cowan

THE gang needed background checks just like any other business, Fitzy told Brett Cowan after a meeting with the West Australian boss.

"You just gotta be honest with them man 'cause as he said then they know what they're working with and then they can fix sh**," Fitzy said.

"'Cause it's  a business to them mate, you gotta remember that it's a f***in' business.

"Like they don't give a f*** you know. It's like if you're workin' in a factory, your boss doesn't give a f*** what you do on the weekend.

"Or what you did ***in' 10 years ago, so same for them and we need a f***in' background like we got or we wouldn't be doing this sh** you know."

Mr Cowan said he was not "as straight laced as what I look", having just shaved his 5-6cm goatee off.

He said the worst that could happen was that he would stop getting phone calls from the gang.

Mr Cowan said he had nothing on his conscience, especially in relation to the Daniel Morcombe case.

Fitzy said he did not even know what Mr Cowan had done but he was sure "they'll make it go away".

"You just got to be honest with them, tell 'em everything and f***in' whatever," he said of Geoff the West Australian boss.

"It'll f***in' disappear man. I know he's a f***in' mean lookin' dude and all that.

"He's actually a real good bloke. I'm sure he, I don't know what he's done in the past but I'm sure he's done sh** as well you know.

"Just like the rest of us man. Otherwise mate if we weren't we wouldn't be doing this, we'd be lawyers or f***in' doctors or somethin'.

"If they do need to send you away for a little bit, who gives a flying f***."

Mr Cowan said: "If I've gotta disappear I've gotta disappear you know".

"As long as I can contact me parents at least once a month that's all I care about," he said.

"It's me, hi mum and dad how you going."

Fitzy: "I think you're a good bloke man so yeah just don't stress mate. Just be honest with 'em so they can sort out this sh**."

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