Readers say hooning is a plague on our streets.
Readers say hooning is a plague on our streets. Thinkstock

DANGER SPOTS: Bundy hoon haunts revealed

WE ASKED readers to share their thoughts on which streets in the region are the worst for hooning and unfortunately the response was big and a lot of roads got a mention.

Readers such as David Jones said the hooning was bad everywhere and no particular street was immune.

"The worst streets for hooning are any street in Bundy,” he said.

"Those antisocials don't care where they do it or what time they do it.

"The worst time of day seems to be around 2.40-3.30pm when the morons are picking their kids up from school. The worst day is Thursday.

"Everyone knows it except the cops.

"There needs to be more patrols at night and a better response to hooning complaints.

"Bring back the car crushing.”

Rhys Castle agreed every street was at risk of hoons.

"Like every street in Bundy,” he said.

Mr Castle said the solution was in giving people places to carry out their activities legally.

"You wanna stop it? Build them a place to go,” he said.

"Didn't some bloke make a skid pad not long ago and the cops shut it down?

"Organise for these people to have drags days down the airport runway if you don't want to build somewhere new.

"My point is they won't stop, give them somewhere safe to do it - free as well.”

Other readers talked about their streets and the dangers posed by people driving recklessly.

"Enterprise St has some nice tyre art on the road! Hear them all the time on a Thursday night!” Angela Nightingale said.

Christine Rose listed Sims Rd, Anderson St and Elliott Heads Rd as danger spots.

"I could go on and on but nothing will ever be done about it,” she said.

"Speed bumps everywhere would be good.”

Tyla Buchanan said people often went well over the speed limit on Fairymead Rd.

"People like to go 140km not 60/80km. Especially one motorbike rider who goes even faster,” she said.

A quick check of traffic offences in the Bundaberg central city area alone reveals a disturbing number of offences in the past year.

To view the police crime map, go here.

A map shows traffic offences in the central Bundaberg area in the past year.
A map shows traffic offences in the central Bundaberg area in the past year. Crystal Jones

Other hooning hot spots according to readers:

  • Mahogany Creek Rd and Gordons Rd. The little moron is going to end up in the macadamia trees.

Kelly Toms

  • Scotland St. They race from the light near the backpacker through to Telegraph Rd. Every night you'd catch them!

Sean Stuchbery

  • May St and down through DeGunstDt, Kay McDuff Dr, Parklands Dr near the new section.

Susan Willow Simons

  • Main stretch into Bargara, they go pretty fast and will tail gate you dangerous.

Bell Althaus

  • Ring Rd near intersection of Ring and Rlliott Heads Rds.

Norma Atkinson

  • Branyan Dr. Bartholdt Dr, Bocks Rd, Gorlicks Rd, hear them all the time.

Michelle Dick

  • Dr Mays Crossing Rd and Coonnar Rd.

Annaleise Donovan

  • Elliots Heads Rd is the worst.

Leslie Kemp

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