One night, six crashes

ALTHOUGH no one was seriously injured Bundaberg Police were not impressed with the lack of driving care on Friday night, as six separate crashes took place within two hours.

“Between 9.30pm and 11.15pm there were three in Bundy, one at Moore Park, one at Yandaran, and one at Elliot Heads,” Bundaberg Police Sergeant Mike McLennan said.

“There's no reason for it at all.

“I've seen four, but not six (in one night), something's got to be done about this driving.”

Sgt McLellan said the most serious accident was the first, at Moore Park at 9.30pm, where a car went through a house and caused severe structural damage.

“The disqualified driver of a Ford Falcon sedan lost control and drove into a house at Orchid Drive,” he said.

“The male driver was not hurt, but police are investigating further.”

The second of the four crashes needing to be dealt with by police was at the Maynard and Barolin street intersection, also at 9.30pm.

Sgt McLellan said a Holden utility struck a person on a bike, and the rider was taken to hospital suffering a possible broken arm and abrasions.

Next was at 10pm on Yandaran's Main Street, where two people were injured in a single-vehicle accident.

Sgt McLellan said a male and female were taken to Bundaberg Hospital - the male was released and the female had a suspected broken sternum.

He said South Kolan police were investigating.

Lastly, at 11.15pm, an uninjured male driver of a sedan was involved in a single-vehicle accident at Elliot Heads.

“People just don't take care,” Sgt McLellan said.

“We want to encourage drivers to take more care, be more aware on the roads.

“All we're asking is 10% more concentration on the road - that increase will decrease accidents."

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