Dan Murphy’s promises to beat the competition.
Dan Murphy’s promises to beat the competition.

Dan Murphy's opens in Bundaberg

LIQUOR store giant Dan Murphy’s has opened its doors to a new era of competition in Bundaberg, with store manager Scott Rowleson predicting a booze bonanza.

More than 1000 customers passed through the store’s checkouts on opening day yesterday, and Mr Rowleson believed that was a sign Bundaberg’s alcohol prices were set too high.

“With us coming into the race it has certainly changed that,” he said.

“Competition is fantastic and I believe leading into Christmas, it’s going to be a bonanza for Bundaberg people.

“It’s fantastic for them because it gives them a competitive market to purchase from.”

Dan Murphy’s and its main rival, 1st Choice, have stepped up their advertising campaigns in the city.

Mr Rowleson expects 1st Choice to drop its prices.

“I think 1st Choice will give it a fair crack but at the end of the day we will beat them,” he said.

“If we can prove their price we will beat them, not match it, but beat it.”

1st Choice spokesperson Jim Cooper said the outlet welcomed competition.

“We think it’s good for customers and we are more than comfortable that our 1st Choice in Bundaberg will continue to offer fantastic prices in the area,” he said.

Mr Rowleson said as Bundaberg developed it was inevitable Dan Murphy’s would open in the regional centre.

“Dan Murphy’s has been a long time coming,” Mr Rowleson said.

“Having Dan Murphy’s open here in Bundaberg is a real show of faith from this liquor giant.

“It shows that Bundaberg is maturing as a community and this store opening will help the people of Bundaberg learn more about the vast range of products we supply.”

The NewsMail contacted a number of local outlets for comment, but all refused.

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