Large hail, heavy rain for parts of Sunshine Coast

UPDATE 7PM: THE Bureau of Meteorology has reissued its storm warnings with part of the Sunshine Coast hinterland likely to get much needed heavy rain. 

However the news is not as good for the Maroochydore- north shore stretch which is expected to just get a few drops. 

The storm cell in question (pictured) is expected to make its way north and pass between Noosa and Gympie. 

Diana Eadie from the BOM said there was still the possibility of large hail. 

UPDATE 4.30PM: THE Bureau of Meteorology has lifted its warning for dangerous storms on the Sunshine Coast. 

BoM forecaster Diana Eadie said the storms cells, which were earlier forecast to bring damaging winds and large hail, weakened as they encountered coastal sea-breezes. 

"We don't believe any of the thunderstorms that are is south east Queensland are severe and there is no indication of large hail or damaging winds," Ms Eadie said. 

The BOM's radar presently shows a number of intense systems moving towards the Queensland coast.
The BOM's radar presently shows a number of intense systems moving towards the Queensland coast.

However while the damage may not have eventuated she said some areas still received reasonable amounts of rain. 

These included Beerburrm which received 18mm, to the south of the Sunshine Coast which got 48mm and Moorina in north west Brisbane which witnessed a fall of 53mm. 

There is also a system presently passing over the Coast's northern areas bringing rain to Noosa or its surrounds. 

In terms of the forecast for the weekend Ms Eadie said storms were less likely over the coming days. 

"It's not as favourable in terms of the atmospheric conditions, there is still some likelihood of storm activity but it's more likely to be in inland areas such as the Darling Downs," she said. 

UPDATE 2.39PM: THE Bureau of Meteorology is warning of winds up to 90km/h and large damaging hail as intense storm cells bear down on the Sunshine Coast. 

Forecaster Diana Eadie said the BoM was presently monitoring four systems - one inland of Noosa, one near Kilcoy, one near Esk and Laidley and another which is presently over Gatton. 

Small hail has already been reported at Crows Nest and Gatton. 

However Ms Eadie said the systems may lose their intensity as they get closer to the Coast. 

"Sea breezes interact negatively with thunderstorms and can cause them to dissipate," she said. 

EARLIER: A severe thunderstorm warning has been activated for the Sunshine Coast with the threat of damaging winds and large hailstones.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued the warning at 2.01pm.

BOM warns that severe thunderstorms were detected on the weather radar near the area south of Esk and the area north of Woodford. These thunderstorms are moving towards the east to southeast.

They are forecast to affect Lowood, Fernvale and Peachester by 2.35 pm and Woodford, Mount Beerwah and Beerwah by 3.05 pm.

Damaging winds and large hailstones are likely.

Storm warning issued at 2pm today.
Storm warning issued at 2pm today.

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