Dad's search for missing pet

ALL Jana Henricks wants for Christmas is to find her miniature pony, Skirmish.

But that is no easy task — the much-loved pet has been missing for more than two years.

Jana’s dad Philip Henricks said his 7-year-old daughter still cried when she saw pictures of her pony, and asked when she would see him again.

“When he went, I promised her we’d get him back — I have to try everything to find him for my little girl,” Mr Henricks said.

“She doesn’t want another pony, he was her friend. Every Christmas and birthday, all she asks for is Skirmish.”

The tiny brown and white pony — who stands just one metre high — was born on the Henrick’s Gaeta property in 2005, and was brought up to be Jana’s special pet.

At the time he went missing, he was being trained to use a saddle and bridle designed for miniature horses, so that Jana could learn to ride.

Mr Henricks said the pony escaped their yard on November 19, 2007, and since then, the family has seen neither hide nor hair of him.

“We asked one of our neighbours, and had information that he was locked into (a third party’s) yard,” he said.

But as word spread that the Henricks were hunting for their pet, Skirmish vanished altogether.

“We then heard that he was being kept at Elliott Heads, and we went there looking for him — so did the police — but we couldn’t find anything,” Mr Henricks said.

After an investigation by Bargara Police that spanned more than six months, it appeared the trail had gone cold.

But Mr Henricks still refuses to give up on his promise to reunite Jana and her four-legged companion.

“The Bargara Police put in a lot of work on it, they interviewed people and knocked on doors — they did everything they could,” he said.

“I can’t stand seeing my little girl get sad every time she thinks of him, but we’ve come to a dead end.”

He is asking for members of the public — particularly those involved with horses — to help keep an eye out for his daughter’s pet.

“Someone must have seen it — it’d pretty hard to hide a horse, even one as small as him,” he said.

Skirmish is a miniature pony, just over a metre tall, with chestnut brown head and hindquarters, and white body and legs.

Anyone with information about the missing pony is asked to telephone Bargara Police on 4159 1444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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