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Dads react after father is abused for using parents' room

FOLLOWING the story of a Queensland father who was labelled "disgusting” for feeding his infant daughter in a parents' room, mums and dads across the state have come out in support of him.

On the NewsMail's Facebook page, a number of dads spoke about how it made them feel and the challenges they face as fathers taking care of their children.

Jason Robinson said it was essential for dads to have access to parents' rooms as it helped give mums a rest.

"Considering I am a father of twins and I do take the boys out shopping for my wife to have a break,” he said.

"I use the parents' room in time of need of feeding and toilet time and no way in hell I'm feeding the boys in a busy corridor or using the male toilets to change nappies if have to.

"Especially if I have all four boys with me will use and will keep using the parents room no matter what others will say.

"Old saying goes if have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all especially to us dad's giving the mums a break and taking the kids out.”

Raymond Hall said access to parents' rooms was important for dads because it could be hard to take daughters to the bathroom otherwise.

"Dad's have to lurk outside the girls' toilets wondering what's taking so long, because apparently the parents room is for women only,” he said.

Dave Ramage said some shopping centres he'd been to still didn't have adequate facilities for fathers.

"Sadly some shopping centres I'd probably be arrested if I had taken my child into the parents' room simply because said parents' room was actually the women's toilet,” he said.

Michael McCaughey still remembers when the rooms were marked for mums, instead of parents.

"Ages ago when they were still called mother's rooms, I used to use them (as I was the mother of the moment),” he said.

"It was either that, a male dunny or a seat in the mall.”

Luke Johnson said it was important for parents of both genders to be comfortable.

"It makes two people to have a baby so why can't the father go into the parents room he has the right to,” he said.

Paul Feasley said while he hadn't experienced discrimination himself, he felt for those dads who did.

"As a father of four I've looked after my children in more parents' rooms than I care to remember,” he said.

"If anyone had an issue with it I never noticed as I was generally too busy.

"I can't understand the attitude of some people directed towards male parents, if a chap doesn't help he's an evil slacker neglecting his partner, if he does the right thing and helps out in public he's an evil perv.”

He encouraged other fathers to keep on helping with their kids and not listen to those who thought the rooms should be for mums only.

"Chaps, helping your partner and looking after your kids by using the parents' room is the right thing to do, anyone who says otherwise can get stuffed,” he said.

In Bundaberg, both the Stockland and Hinkler rooms are marked for "parents”.

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