WITH delectable dishes made from fresh, local produce, Bourbong St was turned in to an outdoor banquet for the second annual Sunday Soiree.

Indulge Cafe owners Larry and Amanda Hinds were heavily involved, putting on a spread for more than 150 hungry customers today, just outside their popular cafe.

"It was a 17-food course supplied by local producers involved with Indulge," Mr Hinds said.

"They brought their produce to the back door and we've put an Indulge spin on it."

The conversation went down as smoothly as the fine wines and whiskeys that were on offer.

"Everyone had a fantastic time," Mr Hinds said.

"We had a swing band playing music and the sun was shining - it was a beautiful day."

The event helped cement Bundaberg's growing reputation as a destination for culinary connoisseurs.

Flats Farmers Markets co-ordinator Jess Marsellos said this year the event had almost doubled in size.

"It went from 80 people last year to 150 this year," she said.

"We might have to get a few recruits if we are going to go any bigger than that."

Mrs Marsellos said the Indulge chefs had worked tirelessly.

"The team at Indulge have been working for months in preparation especially in the past week," she said.

"The aim was to showcase as much of the local produce as possible.

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