Crazy birds erratic ways on roads

Andrew Rayer urges drivers to beware of emus on Goodwood Road.
Andrew Rayer urges drivers to beware of emus on Goodwood Road. Max Fleet

DRIVERS beware – emus are in the area, on the loose and have the potential to cause fatalities.

Bundaberg resident Andrew Rayer spotted a mob of emus along Goodwood Road.

Mr Rayer said there were two to three adult emus along with four to five chicks on the roadside.

He is urging drivers to be wary along Goodwood Road.

He said the large Australian native birds had the potential to kill drivers and cause significant damage to vehicles.

“I would just hate to see someone hit a bird,” he said.

“The emu will go straight through the windscreen and it’s going to kill someone.”

Mr Rayer has even seen a truck engine “destroyed” after the heavy vehicle hit an emu.

“They’re crazy birds,” he said.

“They just run alongside you then all of a sudden they change direction and run out in front of you.”

While Mr Rayer has lived in Bundaberg for four years and previously travelled the Goodwood Road up to three times a day, he said it was the first time he had seen the animals in the district.

“I didn’t really think there was any this close to Bundaberg,” he said.

“I’ve travelled around Australia a lot and seen a heap of them but never in Bundaberg.”

Mr Rayer said people were not aware of the unpredictable birds.

“Kangaroos are different because people expect them to jump out in front of them.”

Queensland Wildlife Carers and Volunteers wildlife carer Christine Wynne said it was not the first time she had heard the birds were in the area.

Mrs Wynne said the 45kg birds had the potential to cause a hazard on the roads.

“Obviously if you hit a bird you will kill the bird but if it doesn’t go through your windscreen you could still swerve and have an accident,” she said.

“People should try to avoid hitting them without causing an accident.”

Mrs Wynne said if frightened the “fairly erratic” birds would start running in all directions.

“I wouldn’t imagine they would hang around the roadside but they would need to cross over it for food,” she said.

People who come across an injured emu or any other animal should contact the wildlife centre on 4159 6431.

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