COURT HOUSE: The Bundaberg Court House.
Photo: Mike Knott/NewsMail
COURT HOUSE: The Bundaberg Court House. Photo: Mike Knott/NewsMail Mike Knott

Court hears of ice addict's 30 offences in six months

AN ICE addict with a lengthy criminal history has been told he is the only who can stop "putting drugs into his body", curb his offending and keep himself out of jail.

In the Bundaberg Magistrates Court today, Brendan John Hodda pleaded guilty to 30 offences, including 12 counts of stealing, six counts of fraud and a number of traffic offences including evading police and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Hodda's defence lawyer John Dodd said his client had been on a drug "binge since he was 14 years of age", but was finally ready to change his ways and commit to rehabilitation.

"Imprisonment is not going to solve Mr Hodda's problem, he needs rehabilitation," he said.

"His liver has been breaking down, this is a combination of the ice and very heavy drinking when he was younger."

The majority of Hodda's offending was to support his drug addition, with the 38-year-old targeting Bundaberg businesses and stealing everything from mobile phones and tablets to a bed spread, batteries and battery pack.

On six occasions between October and December last year Hodda then sold the stolen items to Cash Converts and used the money to buy drugs.

Mr Dodd asked Magistrate Belinda Merrin to consider an intensive drug rehabilitation order that would force Hodda to seek help.

But Ms Merrin said Hodda had been provided with plenty of opportunities in the past, including an intensive order in 2004, which he had failed to take advantage of.

"This isn't one of those case where rehabilitation is the overwhelming consideration," she said.

"It is in my view personal deterrence and the need to protect the community form Mr Hodda's offending.

"That will only happen if Mr Hodda addresses his drug addiction. Mr Hodda's now 38 and he's had all these opportunities.

"Only Mr Hodda can stop his drug use. It's only him that can stop putting drugs into his body."

Ms Merrin warned Hodda, who has already served a number of prison terms in the past, if he continued to offend the penalties would become more serious and he would server longer behind bars.

Given a head sentence of 19 months and having served 60 days in pre-sentence custody, Hodda will be released on parole on June 14 this year.

Hodda will also be off the road for two-and-a-half years after being disqualified from driving in relation to the number of driving offences.

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