Sugarcane harvesting.
Sugarcane harvesting. Mike Knott

Letters: Julie Bishop needs facts before speaking out

Letters: FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop needs facts before speaking out.

Many across the sugar growing areas on the eastern seaboard were aghast at Ms Bishop speaking out on the issue of sugar marketing and trying to link it to free trade agreements.

What is proposed does not breach those agreements and possible pressure from the Singaporean Government on Wilmar Sugar's behalf was unwarranted and unhelpful.

Wilmar, has since early 2014 continued to avoid the pro-competitive, pro-free market issue of grower choice of the entities that may market the Grower Economic Interest Sugar, which would still allow all millers to market all the sugar they are able to secure in a competitive market scenario.

There is a strong perception developing that these foreign owned millers are not overly interested in the grower needs and growers and government are just being strung along, with them being intent on implementing their monopoly corporate model.

I hope that the people's faith in their elected representatives will rise above the global corporate myopic focus on what the Singapore based owner of Wilmar demands.

Delivering the opportunity for a pro-competitive, pro free market grower choice model will not dent foreign investment, rather it will sure up the confidence to invest by our 4,000 small business families that are growers of cane.



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