Ken O'Dowd and his staff are counting the survey responses this week. They've received 4000 back.
Ken O'Dowd and his staff are counting the survey responses this week. They've received 4000 back. Mike Richards GLA030815SURV

Update: MP happy people took time to fill out survey

FLYNN MP Ken O'Dowd has released a statement about his big issues survey, saying the response of 4000 made it the largest survey of its type conducted in the area.

In a statement released on Tuesday afternoon, Mr O'Dowd said that while he would have liked to hear more feedback from the community, he was happy that so many people took the time to complete the survey, either by hand or online.

"The surveys were mailed to each household in the Flynn electorate, with additional copies available at my Gladstone and Emerald offices for interested people," he said.

"It was also available online on my website."


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Mr O'Dowd said he had made every effort to promote the survey, distributing copies to shoppers at his local supermarket, talking to the local media, and using social media to direct attention to the surveys.

"It has also been incorrectly reported that those surveys that haven't been returned will automatically be counted as a no vote," he said.

"This is completely false. Surveys that weren't returned cannot be counted and will not be counted as either a yes or no vote.

"This is the largest survey I have ever distributed in my time as Member for Flynn, and it has been a learning process.

"It has been an effective way of communicating with the electorate and I plan to undertake more opinion surveys in the future."

The MP said he hoped to have the majority of survey results tallied by the end of August.

The survey has been criticised by commenters on The Observer's Facebook page, with many people saying they weren't aware of it, or that they weren't keen to share the personal details the survey asked for.

Some said it had arrived rolled up in junk mail.

Melinda Fleetwood said: "Some didn't get any. Some got one per household. Some got it in junk mail so lots of people don't get that or read it.

"Then to top it off you were asked to put your personal details on the form."

Sandra Howe said if the survey was rolled up in her junk mail she wouldn't have seen it.

"Surely it was of the same importance as the political propaganda he sent out during campaign time?"

"They were done using the Australia Post leaflet service I believe. After all, this could lose votes for him. He never had mine so I don't count."

 Donna Hamilton said she had sent her survey back gladly.

"I appreciate being able to voice my opinion. We all complain that we are not heard. Well, now you can't say that if you didn't sent yours back," she wrote.

Mr O'Dowd has previously said the survey asked for the respondent's name and address so it was clear they came from the Flynn electorate.

Ken O'Dowd is disappointed with the response from the survey that he sent out to 60,000 homes across the region, with just 4000 returned. More here: Did you send back your survey?

Posted by The Observer on Monday, August 3, 2015

7AM: Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd and his staff are counting the responses to his region-wide survey this week.

They've had about 4000 returned.

"I thought we might have had around 40,000," Mr O'Dowd said.

"I am a bit disappointed with the response. Maybe people didn't want to give their details, but you think there would be more from 95,000 sent out."

The survey asked questions about same-sex marriage, water infrastructure, euthanasia and day light savings.

The survey was sent out to more than 60,000 homes two months ago and was available online.

Please note: This story has been change since it was first uploaded at 7am, August 4. The original story noted that surveys which were not returned would be counted as a no vote. However, this is not the case. We apologise for the error.

Mr O'Dowd has previously said if people didn't send the survey back, "we'll put those people down as they don't care one way or the other".

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