A generic photo of a mosquito on the tip of a finger.
A generic photo of a mosquito on the tip of a finger.

Council’s tips to stop mosquitoes breeding after rain

IT’S well known that rain makes corn and corn makes whisky, but what Luke Bryan didn’t sing about was the millions of mozzies the rain brings.

If you’ve been outside after dusk this week you may have noticed black clouds of mosquitoes flying through the air.

It’s all part of the trade off after decent rain, and short of dousing yourself in a can of Bushman’s, there’s not much you can do.

A Bundaberg Regional Council spokeswoman said everybody could help reduce numbers by limiting and removing breeding grounds.

“With the recent wet weather, the conditions have been rife for mosquito breeding,” the spokeswoman said.

“There are some simple tips to limit the spread of mosquitoes around your home.”

Here are council’s recommendations:

  • Check playground equipment.

Tyre swings can hold water and are a favoured breeding site for mosquitoes.

An easy fix is to drill holes in the bottom of the tyre so water drains out and regularly check tyres and other playground equipment to ensure water isn’t being trapped.

  • Check rainwater tanks.

Unscreened tanks or damaged screens enable female mosquitoes to enter and lay eggs inside the tank.

Check screens and repair them if needed; and look at putting screens on unscreened tanks so mosquitoes can’t breed.

  • Plastic and tarps can hold water in the many small pockets of folded plastic.

It’s best to remove tarps and store them under cover.

If you need to keep the tarp, spray it with cockroach surface spray every three months to stop mosquitoes breeding.

  • Check roof guttering on a regular basis to remove all accumulated debris, such as leaves.

Leaves in gutters cannot only stop water from draining away, but also hold water in the leaves.

By removing leaves, mosquitoes won’t have the chance to breed in stagnant water and water will drain away.

  • Limit the use of rubbish items, buckets and containers.

Any item that holds water for an extended period will provide a mosquito breeding site.

An easy fix is to empty, dry and clean any items capable of holding water once a week.

Another easy fix is to store the items under cover, or dispose of rubbish so it won’t be a problem in the future.

Pot plant bases can also be a mosquito breeding area. An easy fix is to fill them with sand to prevent mosquito breeding.

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