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LETTER: Council trashed jobs

KRAG is accused (Jim Carter, NM 20/1) of destroying jobs over the past five years.

This council has done that, not us.

Mike Edgar and I, as councillors, refused the Walker St units in the drain, leaving the court to decide

"Fergie's" background is building and community. Neither live in the immediate vicinity. I do.

We've no intention of "rolling over" to the duopoly, money, power and politics - like our councillors

The land from Aldi down to FE Walker should be commercial, with a left-in, left-out service road to F E Walker. It should be four-laned from the Ring Road lights.

The commercial should end at the Kepnock drain, protect the homes in Glen Court and the wetlands.

Council's easement from Kepnock Rd to F E Walker should be a multi-modal pathway for pedestrians and students to an F E Walker St footpath linking to the shops and wetlands.

Mike and I knew the units in the drain - which this council dragged out of court and approved - would lead to worse decisions like the helicopters, the dog wash, the Childers Men's Shed, the mechanical depot at Woodgate - like Masters- and now a shopping centre in - and over - the Kepnock drain

A regional shopping centre is needed in the east - in time - but not with population growth of less than 0.5% - and not on res A land

The land from Aldi back is flat and flood free. It will provide 90 jobs a year for five years for local tradies and shops.

Better get your poison pen ready Jim.

We will appeal council's approval of the Coles Shopping Centre over the drain, with its $1 million ratepayer bonus to drag Target out of the CBD, destroy the wetlands, increase flooding risks for the Glen Court homes, create traffic gridlock and remove the FE Walker St footpaths.

This council's increasing debt levels will require rate rises above CPI, yet we can give millions to the duopoly.

So - should KRAG be the target of your venom - or all the councillors ?.

Keep that in mind, Jim, when you're voting.

- MARY WALSH secretary Kepnock Residents Action Group

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