The council is calling on owners to register their dogs.
The council is calling on owners to register their dogs. Marc Stapelberg

Council strained by number of unregistered dogs

JUST under 2000 or 15% of previously registered dogs remain unregistered across the Bundaberg region.

The impact of people not registering their animals was evident at the weekend when 10 dogs were impounded, the majority of which were not registered.

Health and Regulatory Services portfolio spokesman Cr Peter Heuser said the council had issued 13,718 animal registration renewals in July this year for the registration period from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018.

"At the commencement of the registration period, council still had almost 3500 dogs unregistered for which reminder notices were issued. Currently, almost 2000 dogs remain unregistered,” he said.

"Of the 10 dogs impounded at the weekend, owners were able to locate and pay for the release of the animals on Monday.

"However, it may have been possible for staff to return the animals direct to their homes if they had been registered and all details were up to date. Additionally, all registered dogs are entitled to one free pound release per year.

"Unregistered dogs place an increased strain on council resources and pound facilities, can be the result of anxiety for worried pet owners and ultimately can prove more costly with pound discharge fees.”

Cr Heuser said the current storm season also provided heightened fear for many dogs and he urged owners to ensure they have secure enclosures for their animals and to take steps to minimise the alarm dogs may experience when the weather turns nasty.

"Being an animal owner comes with its share of responsibility and part of that responsibility is ensuring your dog is safe and secure, and, in the event that it does wander, is appropriately tagged or microchipped to allow for its prompt return,” he said.

"Registration of dogs is compulsory under Queensland State Government legislation.”

Cr Heuser said further information including a FAQ sheet was available at

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