Editorial: Cost saving tips to make fuel last

Editorial: WHO these days doesn't keep a close eye on fuel prices?

If you have a vehicle and need to get from A to B, it's a constant factor in the household budget.

Monitoring the fuel cycle and filling up on cheap days is key, but as shown in today's Costbusters series, there are a few good ideas on how to get the most from your tank of gas.

I, for one, would never have thought that spending a bit more on premium fuel would have made such a difference.

Things like keeping your car serviced regularly and ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure are relatively easy fixes.

Changing your driving habits might take a bit more effort.

According to the experts, using cruise control is a sure-fire way to chew through your gas.

But you can argue that it will save you money, especially if you avoid a speeding fine.

And driving in a more relaxed manner is one I would have trouble with.

While I do take care on the roads, who isn't in a rush these days to get to appointments or the school pick-up?

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