GUILTY: Schapelle Corby's reaction to being found guilty of drug smuggling charges was captured in this memorable photo.
GUILTY: Schapelle Corby's reaction to being found guilty of drug smuggling charges was captured in this memorable photo. MICK TSIKAS

Corby Facebook post blows up

NEWS of Schapelle Corby's visit to Bundaberg immediately hit a nerve with NewsMail readers.

We broke news of the convicted drug smuggler's arrival in the region on Thursday night after she posted a photo taken at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery on Instagram.

Our post on Facebook registered the highest reader engagement we've had in months.

It was seen by more than 16,000 people and attracted hundreds of comments, reactions and shares.

Most of the comments slammed the newspaper for what they said was glorification of the convicted crim.

Many also took exception to our initial description of Corby as a "star", later amended to "famous face".


Corby returned to Australia last year after serving nine years behind bars in Bali for bringing 4.2kg of marijuana into the country in a body board bag.

"She's not a star! What are you thinking? Good job there, promoting drug trafficking as a way to get famous..." said Samantha Hitchcock.

Robyn Geddes said Corby was infamous, not famous.

"Let's not confuse the two. Glorifying convicted drug smugglers is not something I like to see promoted in a newspaper - referring to her as a star is doing that along with the cheesy photo."

Julie Green expressed her disappointment in the NewsMail.

"She is not a star! She is a convicted drug trafficker! Not a wise choice of words nor a wise choice of a story. Why would you treat her as a celebrity?" she said.

Many people shared memes with text such as "no one cares".

Andy-Ray Von Sonnenschein shared that view.

"Way to go ... keep a convicted drug smuggler (that 99.9% of people honesty couldn't care less about) in the media focus but fail to focus on real life things that are worthy of media attention!"

Others defended Corby.

"Are you guys serious? This girl has done her time. Yes agree she isn't a star but to keep calling her a drug mule extra is crap. Move on and let the girl live her life," Marie Henricksen said.

Kerry Lassig said Corby's crime was "nothing compared to the ferals" in Bundy.

"Give her a break. She did her time. Now she's trying to get her new life going," Mark Mizzi said.

Others saw the lighter side of the post.

"Tomorrow's headline: 'Schapelle settles into share house located in east Bundaberg'," Andrew McCracken commented.


#bundaberg #bundabergrum ..... I'll drink to that 😉

A post shared by Schapellecorby (@schapelle.corby) on


There was no such hate for Corby on Instagram where she posted a photo of herself next to the big rum bottle outside the distillery.

She accompanied the photo with two hashtags: #bundaberg and #bundabergrum.

"Two icons, one photo," @mxmbennett commented.

Another user, @jeffandchristina, has some local advice for Corby - as well as a reminder of a time she'd probably rather forget.

"Make sure you go to brewed drinks there is a big barrel there my husband designed he is a engineer, we lived there when you got sentenced. Have a great time."

Sister Mercedes Corby commented, asking Schapelle to have a rum "on ice" for their late father, Michael.

The famous face said told the NewsMail that she had a lovely time in Bundaberg.

Corby, now 40, was convicted in May 2005 for the importation of 4.2kg of marijuana into Bali.

She was sentenced to 20 years in the notorious Kerobokan Prison.

Her arrest and subsequent trial gripped Australia.

Corby was released on parole in February 2014 and finally returned to Australia in May last year.

The Gold Coast native has since spent much of her new-found freedom travelling throughout the country.

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