Police swarm party

BUNDABERG Police have slammed the actions of a Thabeban mum who allowed her 16-year-old son to invite more than 200 teens to his birthday party — and take up thousands of dollars of police resources in the process.

After pleading with the mother to reconsider the celebration, which was believed to have been touted as an open-invitation, “bring your own alcohol” event, police said they were left with no option but to get prepared for the worst.

Bundaberg Police Sergeant Steve Schultz said about 20 extra police officers were called in to cover the event, because large parties in built-up areas could often spiral dangerously out of control.

“After negotiations (with the parent) failed, police produced an operation order and allocated more staff to cope with the fallout,” Sergeant Schultz said.

Officers from the Child Protection and Investigation Unit, the dog squad and detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch were among the extra staff rostered on to prevent a crisis at the party — at an estimated cost of several thousand dollars.

The suburban street was cordoned off and police were on the scene by 6pm on Saturday, along with a police van able to hold up to 14 prisoners, and several other marked vehicles.

“We had girls as young as 13 years old walking up to the party with their arms full of alcohol,” Sgt Schultz said.

Police contacted the parents of eight children who were misbehaving or found with alcohol — many of whom did not know their kids were at the gathering.

Sgt Schultz said while the strong police presence deterred some party-goers and the final tally was well under the estimated 200, there were a number of complaints from neighbours about items being thrown onto their roofs.

About 10.30pm, police tried to telephone the mother and discuss some of the issues arising from the bash, but she did not answer her telephone.

“Because of one individual’s selfish attitude to the community that surrounds her, we have had all these resources tied up to deal with a party that was purposely allowed to get out of control,” Sgt Schultz said.

“It’s a totally irresponsible and disrespectful attitude.”

He said while the celebration was registered with the Queensland Police Service’s Party Safe Program, the teen’s mother should have considered the amount of resources needed to keep it under control.

“We shouldn’t have to spend police resources on events like that,” Sgt Schultz said.

The NewsMail was unable to contact the family, despite repeated attempts.

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