Cop, man to attend mediation: judge

A POLICE officer and a man who allegedly quarrelled have been ordered into mediation after a magistrate found there was not enough evidence for a trial to proceed.

Lester Michael Hill, 61, of Bundaberg, was charged with a public nuisance and obstructing police after he went to Bundaberg Police Station on August 13 to complain about his car tyres being slashed.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Craig Ryan told Bundaberg Magistrates Court that Hill approached the desk in the foyer of the Bundaberg Police Station with a “belligerent” attitude.

But defence barrister Simon Burgess said his client was “assertive, expressive and opinionated” and would not take “no” for an answer.

“He is a respected elder who has worked in numerous government departments,” Mr Burgess said.

Words were exchanged between Sergeant Terry Willett and Hill before the elder was charged with the offences.

The lawyer argued there were several eyewitnesses in the foyer, but police had only produced two police officers as witnesses for the hearing.

“I have asked Sgt Ryan why no other witnesses are being produced by the Queensland Police Service,” Mr Burgess said.

Magistrate John Smith said it appeared there was a lack of evidence in the case.

“To expose Mr Hill to a conviction, recorded or otherwise, would be unjust at this stage,” he said.

He ordered Sgt Willett and Hill should take part in mediation and adjourned the case until April 30.

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