Jamie Arthur Christopher Baker during deployment in Iraq.
Jamie Arthur Christopher Baker during deployment in Iraq.

Police prosecutor allegedly sent nude pics of wife to mag

A VETERAN Queensland police prosecutor under investigation for five years has been banned from two major airlines and is accused of secretly sending naked photos of his then-wife to a swingers magazine and attempting to destroy the career of her new pilot husband.

In a bitter and complex saga, Jamie Arthur Christopher Baker, 48, from Redcliffe, has been banned from flying Virgin AustraliaAirlines or Tiger Airlines for life for his alleged harassment of the pilot, his former best mate as he awaits the outcome of an Ethical Standards investigation.

The allegations have come to light in court documents filed at the District Court in Brisbane as part of defamation proceedings brought by Sgt Baker against the airline, his ex-wife and her new partner.

Sgt Baker, has accused parties of defaming him multiple times, including by alleging he made false complaints against the couple while "hiding behind his police badge".

Sgt Baker, who has been a police officer for 26 years, and an army officer for 23 years, has been sensationally accused of posting pictures of his then-wife in a Sunshine Coast swingers magazine, according police witness statements filed in court, as part of the defamation claim.

Peta and Eamonn Dubickas.
Peta and Eamonn Dubickas.

Sgt Baker's now ex-wife, Peta Dubickas, a Qantas flight attendant, 50, from Newport, who married pilot Eamonn Dubickas, 54, last year, told the court she divorced Sgt Baker after she learned he had "placed intimate photos of" them in the magazine "without my knowledge or consent".

Sgt Baker alleges his ex-wife defamed him when she described him to police as a "sexual deviant, a narcissist, a bully who led a hedonistic double life, was a sex-addict, swinger and used prostitutes and online dating services".

Sgt Baker alleges she defamed him to police by describing him as "a vengeful person who has vexatiously reported" Mr Dubickas to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, in what she claims is revenge for him "stealing" his wife.

Sgt Baker claims his 16-year relationship with Mrs Dubickas ended in August 2014, weeks after Mrs Dubickas started her relationship with the pilot in July.

Mr Dubickas told police that Sgt Baker slept with a "lady boy" in Thailand, wanted Mr Dubickas to set him up with air hostesses, and was obsessed with threesomes, according to court documents.

Sgt Baker has been accused of twice having Mr Dubickas grounded from flying by the airline safety watchdog by arranging for false claims to be made alleging Mr Dubickas was unfit to fly, according to police witness statements filed in court.

CASA was allegedly told Mr Dubickas reported for flights while "complaining of the effects of alcohol", and "suffered from problematic use of substances", was colour-blind, was suffering from an "undeclared psychiatric illness" and had "multiple admissions to a psychiatric hospital" - all were untrue.

Mr Dubickas was only allowed to return to the skies after passing several medical tests.

Sgt Baker denies he reported Mr Dubickas to CASA and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and says the claims are defamatory.

Sgt Baker is also alleged to have written a letter to Virgin CEO John Borghetti, complaining about Mr Dubickas "releasing" his "personal information" to his ex-wife Peta, by telling her that he had seen Sgt Baker as a passenger on an early morningflight to Port Moresby on September 13, 2016. Mrs Dubickas claimed in her police statement that she believed Sgt Baker was working as a "fly in fly out security guard on Manus Island" in 2016, when he had "stopped paying child support".

Pilot Eamonn Dubickas has accused Jamie Baker of making false complaints about him to CASA.
Pilot Eamonn Dubickas has accused Jamie Baker of making false complaints about him to CASA.

The allegations that Sgt Baker claims have defamed him were made in statements to the QPS ethical standards department and in emails given by the airline to the department, and filed in the District Court in Brisbane as part of Sgt Baker's defamationclaim.

Sgt Baker has also sued Mark Shield, Virgin Australia's head of security for defamation for emailing police about Sgt Baker's behaviour, alleging he had a "personal vendetta" against Mr Dubickas.

Sgt Baker has also sued the airline as part of this defamation case. Mr Dubickas told police in the statement that his family has been "devastated" by the "stress and anxiety" caused by Sgt Bakermaking unfounded criminal allegations against them.

Sgt Baker is seeking damages of $500,000 from the four defendants, his claim states.

No defence has been filed and no hearing date has been set. Speaking outside court Sgt Baker told The Sunday Mail that he has been stood down from his prosecutor job since December 2016.

Sgt Baker says he has complained that the police ethical standards investigation has been running for five years with no outcome.

Sgt Baker's lawyer Sam Iskander did not return emails seeking comment.

Speaking outside of court Mrs Dubickas told The Sunday Mail that she and her husband would be defending all the allegations.

"We have only told the truth and tried to seek the protection of the police but it has not been forthcoming, in fact it has been the opposite," she said.

"In fact all the evidence we have to police Ethical Standards as witnesses is being used against us as defamation.

"We want more than ever to get on with our lives as a couple without constant harassment and stress," Mrs Dubickas said.

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