Concert shows students' flair

EVERYTHING from the famous strains of Beethoven to new work composed by a Bundaberg teenager will be on show at the Bundaberg Youth Orchestra's end-of-year concert this Saturday evening.

The orchestra will farewell about a dozen Year 12 students from the 40-strong group at the Bundaberg Youth Orchestra Prom Concert at the Shalom College Performing Arts Centre from 7pm on Saturday.

Bundaberg Youth Orchestra conductor Robert Rotar said during the concert the orchestra tried to feature the students who were leaving.

"It's something we have always done," he said.

"Replacing them is always a hard thing to do."

Mr Rotar said the concert also gave the students the chance to show off their talent to the community.

"I guess the community needs to understand the importance of having a youth orchestra in the area," he said.

Mr Rotar said the youth orchestra meant children were exposed to a type of music which was rarely explored in the school curriculum.

At the concert this weekend the orchestra will be playing the world premiere of a piece written by Robert Rotar's son John, some Beethoven and the William Tell Overture.

"The interesting thing about classical music is that once the students get involved they realise that it can actually offer them so much more (than pop music)," he said.

Mr Rotar, who has been involved in the orchestra for the past 21 years, said some of the talent which came from Bundaberg amazed him.

Last year six students from the orchestra were chosen to play in the Australian Youth Orchestra.

Mr Rotar said he thought at least one student had been chosen for the national orchestra this year.

"If you look at per capita we should have something like half a person," he said.

The conductor said those who had been chosen in the Australian Youth Orchestra last year were either studying music or working as professional musicians.

Mr Rotar said the concert also signalled the start of the auditioning process to replace those lost at the end of the year.

Musicians from under 23 can play in the orchestra.

For information on auditions contact Sue Draganoff on

Tickets for this Sunday's performance are available from Bout Time Music.

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