BMX RACING: Mark Rohdmann gets a good race at Bundaberg BMX track in 2015. Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail
BMX RACING: Mark Rohdmann gets a good race at Bundaberg BMX track in 2015. Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail

Community effort to remodel Bundy BMX track

THE Bundaberg BMX track is shaping up to become something a little different with earthworks and BMX Club members chipping in to remodel the track.

It'll still be used for racing, but the twists and turns and bumps and jumps will be a little different than previous years.

Lifelong member and coach Mark Rohdmann said he worked in the construction industry and hence had access to machinery regular people might not.

"In the last sort of 20 years I've been building BMX tracks," he said.

"We try to change the tracks every year or two to give the kids a bit of a change."

Rohdmann said the club were trying to upgrade the track to be more similar to a UCI or Olympic-style track to help club members prepare for bigger tracks around the country if they want to travel away.

The 52-year-old said he had been with the club for 40 years and was still riding, but the sport had changed a lot over the years.

"The speed is a lot faster than it used to be years ago," Rohdmann said.

"It's not just a jump here and a jump there anymore, they're putting a combination of things together."

And while some things around the track can't be changed very easily, the group of seven or eight volunteers have done their best to mix things up for racing in the near future.

"We've got the start hill, that's an enormous amount of money, you can't move that and you can't move the corners," Rohdmann said.

The work they did last weekend got them about halfway done, Rohdmann hoping to arrange another working bee and have the track finished and resurfaced in the next few weeks.

"I think there was about seven or eight of us," he said.

"There's a core of blokes who have been there quite a while. We have a couple of earthworks guys that help the club out."

It's a community effort for the club, with Rohdmann's connections in the construction industry helping get work done for mate's rates.

The track still needs to be resurfaced with a glue-like substance to help keep the track in shape through wet seasons, with Rohdmann describing the track as more like tarmac than loose gravel.

"With the glue you'll generally get a year, year and a half our of the surface," he said.

He said he played soccer and other team sports for years, but enjoys the individual achievements he could achieve riding BMX.

He's in it for the fitness, saying it had less of a jarring impact than running, but knew from experience if you stack it, you go down hard.

"I'm 52 now … but those few minutes when you get on your bike you're 20 again," he said.

"The excitement and the speed these days with the big hills … it's really good fitness. That's my thing."

And while the club may have had its ups and downs, Rohdmann said he was just one of the spokes in the wheels trying to keep the club alive.

In aid of this, he said the club was trying to expand its operations to have several race meets throughout the year rather than just one.

He also pointed to a free come and try day pencilled in for the morning of March 1.

While normally riders would have to be licenced, there will be no such restrictions on the come and try day, with parents and kids alike welcome to attend.

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