Paul Andrew's tribute to his son Cory who died on the Sunshine Motor Way.
Paul Andrew's tribute to his son Cory who died on the Sunshine Motor Way. Patrick Woods

MY SAY: Two interviews I'll never forget

SOME conversations you have in life you'll never forget.

I often talk to people who inspire me - it's the nature of my job.

But two conversations I had this last week will stay with me forever, and they both involved Cory Andrews, and his tragic death on Saturday.

The first was with the driver who hit young Cory as he tried to cross Sunshine Motorway, Bill Burow.

He struck me as extraordinarily calm and easy- going. What kind of person is composed enough to talk to a journalist on the same day he hit a pedestrian in a high speed crash?

Cory died at the scene. Alone with Cory's body on the road, Bill made the call for an ambulance.

But Bill was keen to be in a story about what had happened as he knew people would have questions. He wanted the facts to be out in the open.

He was having a nightmarish time but his thoughts were on Cory's family. The thing that troubled him most was the thought of their grief and loss.

The second interview was with Cory's dad, Paul Andrews, yesterday. He was incredibly open about his loss (read more on page 5).

He wanted the Coast to know he was ok - shattered, but ok- and he wanted a tribute for Cory to show what a talented, loving person he was.

With two complete strangers - myself and Daily photographer Pat Woods, he was honest. He cried. The family was broken, he said "from the inside, out".

It was very sad, but I got a lot of joy from the trust that Bill, Cory's family, and others put in me - and I want to thank them.

You guys make it worthwhile.

Hopefully the stories I wrote with your help will encourage people to keep valuing print media, and to buy their local newspaper.

I believe it helps the community to be able to make sense of tragedy.

And when something as shocking as Cory's death happens, it helps everyone to talk about it, to under- stand it and be understood, and to help each other.

I'll remember the conversations we had the next time I hear a derog- atory comment about "the media" - because for me, these stories are why news and journalism must continue.

When I work overtime and can't sleep at night because of some detail I need to check, it actually hurts to hear people call journalists "lazy" or refer to "the media" as though it's a corrupt, powerful elite.

It's a sector that's as diverse as any other on the planet, and I can't speak for every newspaper but the Coast has lucked it with the Daily.

In my experience journalists are passionate, caring, hard-working people who go to great lengths to tell stories that uplift, heal, and inspire. And I bet the Daily's readers are with me on that.

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