Editorial: Cold snap an unwelcome visitor here

Editorial: IF I was a certain Disney princess I would tell you that the cold never bothered me anyway, but that would be a straight out lie.

I hate the cold.

Yes, I am from New Zealand.

However, there is a good reason why I choose to live in Australia.

And, yes, it's largely due to the beautiful weather we are blessed with.

If I wanted constant wind, rain and cold, and needing to wear multiple layers and hovering beside a heater or fire all day, I would have stayed in my home country.

At the moment it's even colder there!

My home town recorded 0 degrees yesterday.

Admittedly when I woke up yesterday morning I was expecting it to be far colder than it was.

But it wasn't actually too bad.

Maybe that means that it's going to get worse?

Let's keep our fingers crossed that's not the case.

I did have to laugh when my girls asked me if it was going to get cold enough to snow in Bundaberg.

I sincerely hope not was my answer.

Perhaps they were just hoping for a day off school?

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