Coffee in a bottle

THE smoky scent of grilling meats on a barbeque; the soothing sound of chirping crickets; and chilled iced coffee, bitter and refreshing.

Ah, the joys of summer. And now, from everyone’s favorite independent coffee clan, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, comes a new collection of the chilled brew: in a bottle.

Aptly named Cold Brew Stubbies, it’s easy to mistake the retro glass bottle — inspired by 20th century typography — for another favorite brew. But there are no hops here, just Stumptown’s house blend, roasted and bottled at Portland’s House Spirits Distillery.

At a few choice Stumptown cafes, thirsty visitors can pick up a pack of six Stubbies, which makes adding ice, sugar, a touch of cream, and whatever else you may put into your cold cup o’ joe, an absolute breeze – sort of like the one you crave during those sizzling summer days.

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