Club kicks up heels

Tae Kwon-Do: The Richardson family celebrated 30 years of involvement with the Queensland Self Defence and Tae Kwon-Do Academy (QSDTA) in Bundaberg last weekend.

Graham Moulden introduced the Korean martial art under the Rhee International Tae Kwon-do banner then later established the academy in 1996.

“My dad Peter was there in the beginning with karate, and my brother Scott was 12 and one of the original students,” regional instructor and fifth degree black belt Kris Richardson said.

“Scott achieved his black belt in September 1983, and at the age of eight I joined the academy in December of the same year.”

Moulden was a first degree black belt in the art when he arrived in Bundaberg as a teacher at North Bundaberg State High School.

“Sabum (instructor) Moulden started the first school in the St John Ambulance Hall in Mulgrave Street,” Richardson said.

“He dedicated his spare time spreading the art and by 1980 he had opened up branches in Bargara, Childers, Gin Gin, Maryborough and Hervey Bay.”

Richardson's mentor is now the International Tae Kwon-do Federation representative for Thailand and is based in Bangkok.

“We had hoped Sabum Moulden could be here to make presentations, but he was unable to get away from Thailand,” he said.

Queensland's chief instructor Anthony Coleman examined more than 30 students at the academy's winter gradings on Saturday.

Three years of rigorous training, discipline and dedication were rewarded at the celebrations when Terry O'Brien and Morris Vysma were presented with their first degree black belts.

“They had to perform a series kicks and board breaks as well as break five roof tiles in a destruction technique to get their black belts,” Richardson said.

“It included a series of complex patterns and sparring too.”

Academy students do not compete in any titles events.

“We teach the appropriate skills for promotion using the criteria set down by the late General Choi, the founder of Tae Kwon-do and add in the element of practical self-defence,” Richardson said.

“We aim to develop individuals with a strong moral character and equip them with the self-confidence to use the practical self-defence skills they master.”

The club has produced 40 students who have graduated to black belt since its establishment.

One of them is Jackson Lau who is training for his examination as a fifth degree black belt in December.

“We aim to develop a strong moral character .”

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